monday morning

back to work. it's actually quite nice to be out of the house.

when i saw my coworker (and former boss), he let me know that there had been an all-hands meeting on friday where those of us who have worked to develop our product were presented with statues and an envelope. he had such a gleam in his eyes when he said envelope... i know it's good. i don't know who i need to talk to to get my hands on my piece of the pie... i am anxious to see just how much is in the envelope. mostly, though, i am glad to see that upper management is recognising our contribution.

i'm having troubles with the Windows 2000 box i need to set up so that i can compile Windows software. it worked until i put the NIC in it (which it was supposed to come with, but didn't). i think it's safe to assume it's the NIC causing problems, but i figured everything would be plug-n-play. since i'm not a hardware person (and since i don't want to crawl around on the floor taking the box apart again) i am leaving it to our expert (yah right) MIS guy.

my office is as i left it, but amazingly my miniature roses aren't dead (i got them from my boyfriend a few months ago). i had asked someone to water them, but the cleaning folks locked my office door shortly after my last day before the surgery. so they hadn't had any water in quite some time. not only are they still alive, but there is a little red rosebud appearing on one of the plants. i love it. having another bloom is like getting the roses all over again. yes i'm a romantic cheesy sap. :)

more later...

early afternoon

the envelope contained one kilobuck. werd. less than i expected, but $1000 more than i had this morning and i'd be a damned fool to complain. i love it. i'm tempted to get a new paint job for my del sol. or maybe a computer. or, or, or... so many glimmering possibilities. but i already know what i'm gunna do with the moolah. put it towards the credit card debt. but it's still nice to think about what i could buy with it.