cold and dark. cold and i shiver, dark and i can't see. anything. i'm in a cylindrical room. i can't tell by seeing or touching -- i know this by instinct. i can somehow feel, with my mind, the roundness of the room. to my hand, the wall feels flat, but that is only because the room is huge.

there is something, in the middle, revolving. and it extends all the way to the wall. it is like being stuck in a huge revolving door.

it's not moving fast. i can easily stay ahead of it at a fairly slow walk. but i know that i am stuck in this round room and that i cannot walk forever, not even at such a slow pace.

this slowly revolving wall is suddenly the most horrifyingly awful thing i have ever encountered. at some point i will have to stop walking and i will be crushed into jam by the wall. it seems so inoccuous, moving so slow, but then the overall implication becomes clear. it is death.

walk, or just lie down?