today i didn't wake up in pain, but it came on ahortly after getting out of bed. it's disturbing. it comes on strong and sudden. on the right side of my abdomen, from nipple to just below the belly button. it isn't sharp jabs, but a very strong, constant ache that doubles me over. it lasts about 20 minutes then slowly dies down. the only way to get any relief is to lay face down with that area of my stomach on a firm pillow. but it's gone now, and i'm having my morning coffee.

this week and next are going to be busy. so busy that i've had to cancel christmas dinner with the Man's parents. i feel bad about that.

i've been given a cellular phone. i hate the things. actually, i suggested it myself because it's the right thing to do and will make my job a teeny bit easier over the next few weeks. buh (note to self: e-mail the man my phone number).
more later, time to do work.