thursday morning

yesterdays meetings went well. very well.

unfortunately i couldn't sleep a wink last night. i am terribly tired. but i am in good spirits. the sun is out and the weather is nothing short of perfect. i anticipate that the glorious day will be interrupted by the mid-afternoon-downpour that has happened almost every day since summer began... but i like the rain, too.

the blame game at work seems to be winding down. i think finally some people are accepting that i'm not just a set of tits on legs. despite what's been going on i am envigorated by my job again. despite the outward annoyance at working until ten i am secretly glad that i have a reason to.

the weekend is coming up. i have to decide some things:
  • what kind of dead animal flesh should we grill?
    last weekend it was chicken for me and steak for him, plus portabello mushrooms in a spicy sauce. he suggested salmon or tuna or maybe even swordfish for me this weekend but i have done that before and want to go with something unusual. but not ostrich. i tried that and it's too much like beef for me to enjoy. i'm not a pork eater so that's out. he's allergic to shrimp so i don't even want him cooking any on the same grill he will be eating from. hrmmmm. think, think, think.
  • what shall we do outside?
    as mentioned on August 14, 2000, we went to see battlefields in manassas last weekend. it was absolutely gorgeous. but since that's been done, i have to come up with something else... if ocean city and the other beaches around here didn't suck so fucking much (i really get annoyed by boardwalk-beach-towns with their shitty beaches and $2 t-shirt and flip-flop stores) i'd say lets go to the shore. but... maybe scott's run again, or some place similar we haven't been.
for now, i must go do work. more later...