Well I can tell you I really hate writing today. Ok that statement is a little strong but I feel like I have CPS or RSI for generalists. I spent time writing up a paper which incorporated a[book revievw that I wrote and unfortunately said that I was going to node.

People were curious as to the brevity of my day nodes. This is maybe a lack of adequate desire to reflect after a day of reflecting like a mirror also to my extremely hectic life (which limits time noding).

I have really tried to think of a few things that could help.

Good news. I have made some scans of the Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and will work on putting them up.

Specifically, they concern the initial journey from the Vermillion River and are of great interest. This of course was after speaking to jaubertmoniker as one of the editors and asking if this was acceptable and of proper content and formatting.

Bad news is that basically the fact is that I really do have this lazy streak a mile long and in fact I have a bad habbit of putting things off. So I will probably be doing most of this work one entry at a time.

Weighing this as a matter of principle of increasing the utility of this database is something that I feel is important and necessary.

Also recently I have started to read a great deal of information about the Balkans and have been impressed at the whole lack of attention and near levels of incredulity that most people had for our involvement in places like Serbia.

I also have been listening to a book on tape of The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan. Now I really hate to have to do this but unfortunately I am getting bogged down in the details of his work, this prevents me from focousing in on the real message which can be interesting. Therefore tapes are the area of choice and the item of chance for this endeavour.

I also have found something really nice a bit of epic Serbian poetry. The Battle of Kosovo is a really nice piece of work and illustrates the problems that the Balkan area has had in their mythology as a perceived wounded person who made a "morally correct choice" about whether to have either an earthly kingdom or a heavenly kingdom. The hero Tsar Lazar basically accepts the heavenly kingdom and with it loss of the battle to the Turks. In the minds of Serbians this makes the ultimately correct choice against people who were his destiny.

I think this meets the expectation that it isn't copyrighted since it was oral tradition and concerns events in July 29, 1389.

Also I have been reading about Art of the Third Reich, dracula, Transylvania, the history of Romania, and Hitler's war aims.

So E2 I think I have spilled my guts about my day and my schemes as much as my hands can take it for now. I bid you adeu for a while.