really refreshing sumday.

9:00 am
start to huck e2 code in order to localize the code in Japanese. one of my current very personal project is localization of e2 in japanese.
it's not fair that e2 is aimed only to people who speak/read english.

12:00 pm
went to akihabara to get biggeer hdd. wanted to get 30g one but they didn't have stock. so end up getting another java book about optimazation of this interpreted language.

4:30 pm
went to watch my little brother's basketball game. (he is my baby!! if anybody mess with my brother, i'm sure i'll kill that fucker.)
they lost the game, but they did well. that's ok shin, you'll win next one. i'm sure.

8:00 pm
went to drink with jill from seattle. had good time with her and her friends.
one of her friend lisa will be my next goddes. she's beautiful and intelligent. daaamn. she's attractive....

12:00 am
i'm at home writting this. it was a good sunday.