Ok, so this is weird. I have a problem with math, I can understand higher spatial maths like Calculus, but I have problems with Algebra. Well the point is, is that I’m in Math 1200 (Intermediate College Level Algebra)-good for me! =) I passed Basic Algebra. ANYWAY so, I was sitting in class, and the teacher was explaining parabolas, a concept I can understand. But the point is that I associate geometric pictures with astronomy.

My theory:

I have this theory about astrophysics(would that be the word...the physical properties of astronomy?), it has to do with black holes, curved space, and destroying energy.

Support for my theory:

Well, ok, so while I was in math, going over parabolas, I thought of my theory…about light being bent and trapped, and then I thought about the parabola. And so, I asked the teacher after class about the parabola. I asked him, “ok, so the paraola in this picture, that point isn’t its start point right? It just happens to bend the most at this point?” He told me I was correct.

That got me thinking about the parabola in terms of it being a line that happened to be bend by an outside source.

Am I on crack? Or could this be true? Can anyone understand what I’m saying? Is there someone with higher math and astronomy skills who is willing to help me either develop this theory, or take me into the woods and shoot me? =)

If I need to type this up better to make it easier to read, please let me know, and if you wish to contact me to talk to me about this farther, you can ICQ me at 121272537, thanks.