This compiles as many artists as I could find, and within each heading, lists them in more or less chronological order. I will add more headings as they come into existence, but for my own convenience I am setting this up prematurely. I still have the 20th Century to complete, but I'm done the last 3000 years so far, so I'm getting there.

So here it goes:

Greek Art (650 B.C. to 80 B.C.)

Medieval Art (550 A.D. to 1350 A.D.)

Renaissance (1350 to 1700)

Rococo (1700 to 1800)

Neoclassicism and Romanticism

Realism and Impressionism

Post-Impressionism, Symbolism and Art-Nouveau

20th Century Painters- this one lists each artist under the category he/she fits individually, due to the many artistic movements during the 20th century.

A BIG thank you goes out to Lometa, Pedro, and the other noders who have written the outstanding bios that exist on many of these artists. You guys are great.