There's only about seventy years of span here, so these are not in great chronological order, being that they were all alive at pretty much the same time.

Peter Paul Reubens (painter)
Anthony van Dyck (painter)
Jan Brueghel the Elder (painter)
Jacob Jordaens (painter)
Frans Snyders (painter)
Hendrick Terbruggen (painter)
Frans Hals (painter)
Judith Leyster (painter)
Rembrandt (painter)
Jan van Goyen (painter)
Aelbert Cuyp (painter)
Jacob can Ruisdael (painter)
Pieter Saenredam (painter)
Willem Claesz (painter)
Jan de Heem (painter)
Rachel Ruysch (painter)
Jan Steen (painter)
Jan Vermeer (painter)

source: History of Art by H.W. Janson and Anthony F. Janson

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