It's pretty simple, really. Art gives life to my soul. It is the reason for my existence - and I need a reason, sometimes, very badly. Lovers, children, parents, friends, come and go in my life, and in yours. People die, and people leave and very often, I leave.

But art is always there. It challenges me to grow and to create. When I don't have art in my life, I languish at the altar of my addiction. I grow irritable, depressed and useless. I struggle to find meaning at whork, which is never, ever there.

Songwriting, bad poetry, painting and drawing: the expression of myself through these mediums breathe life back into me and give me hope and courage and strength.

Art can be a mirror, or a medium for self-analysis.

People don't go to art galleries to look at art, they go there to look at themselves.

If you read a book, watch a movie, listen to a song - you take away from it whatever you want.

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