The way I know this game is that each player is dealt three cards face down, then six cards which they pick up. From those six, they choose three cards and lay those three face up over the face-down cards. Aces are high; jokers are wild. After the cards are dealt, the deck is placed face down in the middle of the table and the top card is turned face up, next to the deck, to begin the pile.

If you play with more than four people, you combine two decks.

Each player in turn must place one or more cards on the pile, face up. If you play more than one card, all the cards you play must have the same value. (For example, if there is a three on top of the pile, and you have two fives and a six in your hand, you may place both fives over the three.)

You may only play a card with a value equal to or higher than the card on top of the pile. If you do not have a card with equal or higher value, you may play a special card. Twos, tens, and sevens are special cards.

A two resets the count (the next card played can be three or higher). A ten removes all the cards in the pile from the game. A seven requires the next player to play either a seven or lower.

After you play a ten, you play another card to start the pile.

If a player doesn't have a valid card to place on the pile, they must pick up the pile and add it to their hand.

After a player has played, if they have less than three cards in hand, they draw cards from the deck until they do. If they have three or more cards in hand, they do not pick up any more cards.

Once the deck is exhausted and a player has no more cards in hand, they play their three face-up cards.

Once those cards are gone, they use their face-down cards, blindly turning one over each turn. If it is a valid card, turn passes to the left. If it's invalid, player must add the pile to their hand.

The winner is the first to get rid of all their cards.