Some of the most computer illiterate people on earth unfortunately sign up at ISPs and without much knowledge of even the basic workings of a computer. All people with the desire for Internet access should be required to take an exam and obtain an Internet license. An exam may contain questions such as, “Where is My Computer?”, “How do you perform a double click?,” and “Is that big box with blinking lights referred to as a brain or a CPU?”

An agency similar to the DMV should administer exams and distribute licenses to those people. Only then may the individuals who pass the exam be able to acquire service from an ISP. It should also be required to renew your license every 2 years. Also you may be given the chance to take an advanced exam to put you into a more technically advanced class, which may be useful at job interviews to indicate to a future employer that you have a guaranteed level of computer experience. Unfortunately this notion can be thought of as just another gateway to the invasion of privacy. Happy surfing

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