Heard Gore concession speech on car radio on the way home last night. I thought it was beautiful. Didn't hear Young George's speech because it hadn't started by the time I got home, and home is another world.

Picked up an artificial Christmas tree - our first - after deciding that a real tree was too much hassle. I was pretty shocked at the price tag, though.

This morning a rose bush was lying across the path. At first I thought the wind had blown it over, but later when there was a little light I saw that it was those damn gophers that bit through all the roots. Don't they have anything better to do?

added later at 23:21 utc

Anyway, I wrote myself a little script to check my number of writeups and tell me how many I need to get to level 5, and how many to level 6. Then I thought I'd check on the total w/u's needed for the higher levels, and whoo wee the requirements have jumped! I've gone from needing 64 writeups to needing 514 writeups.

Not complaining, mind you; glad I kept my old level. Just that the only level that really means something to me is six because then you can put up a picture. Oh well.