While browsing on a P2P network I happened upon a file called "CENSORED by U.S. MEDIA - BBC Bush Election Expose - How the Republiklan Subverted Democracy - bushfraud.avi" which talked about a long forgotten topic -- the 2000 elections. Watching the video, a thought came to me.

I've read* about how the Bill Clinton Administration tried to warn the new Bush Administration about the terrorist threat against USA, but because of the rivalry between the two, this warning was never taken seriously.

The video clip claims that George W. Bush, working with his brother Jeb Bush - Governor of Florida - manipulated the voter's list to win Dubya the election. And put a Republican Administration in place of the former Democratic Administration.

Imagine if no such thing had happened. Al Gore would have been president. The Adminstration would have stayed Democrat. The terrorist warning would have been taken more seriously. Things could have been done. Things could have happened. Things could have been prevented from happening.

I wonder if the current president has a conscience, and does that conscience ask him about the possibility that the 3000+ were the victims of his wish to become president, using any method possible.

* http://www.time.com/time/covers/1101020812/story.html -- grab it quick, Time put away articles inside an archive accessed only through a subscription after a while.