Abbreviation for Peer to Peer. A peer to peer application is one where each node is both a client and a server. Examples include Napster and
Gnutella. These days its sorta a buzzword, but the internet was designed to do this, and as bandwidth gets cheaper, peer to peer will become even more common. The only question is will it remain legal!

Abbreviation for Programmer to Programmer. P2P is a website run by Wrox Press as a support service to programmers and developers. We host a series of mailing lists on many different programming-related topics. Visit our site at for more information.

Editor's note: P2P was down for a while in 2003 after Wrox press folded, but is back as of June 2003. Publisher John Wiley & Sons acquired most (but not all) of Wrox's assets and is running the business more-or-less as before. They remain committed (they say) to the Wrox philosphy "Wrox has always been Programmer to Programmer, and always will be."

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