English title of a 1998 movie by Indian filmmaker Deepa Mehta. The movie is set in 1947 in Lahore which is now in Pakistan, but then was part of the British colony of India. The story tells of a group of friends--some Hindu, some Muslim, some Sikh--as they went through the creation of the states of India and Pakistan. The movie does a good job of representing the history of the time through the relationships of the young people in the town and how religion and nationalism change what otherwise were wonderful relationships.

It's a beautiful movie in cinematography as well as an important movie to see in these current troubled times--to understand the historical conflict between India and Pakistan, and also to undertand that Sikhs are not Muslims, even though they wear turbans. Also to show people that most Americans don't understand, and to show how some Western imperialism has contributed to the state of the world today.

The movie has English subtitles, with dialog in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic and other languages. Highly recommended.