My aunt died. I had forgotten that by this point in the dream, when I picked up her dismembered leg and used it as a shield in our sticky-dart wars. As I clutched it to me I remembered, and was disgusted that a) I had been given the leg as a rememberance and b) had used it so disrespectfully. I drop the leg and collapse in utter grief, for I hadn't properly mourned my aunt's passing yet, either.

As I run out of the room screaming, I come across a pool full of kids, floats and two of my co-workers. "Come on in, Jess, it'll help you relax." All I want to do is submerge myself in water, cleanse myself of my disrespect and utter sadness. I dive long, aiming to make it all the way across the bottom of one float, and open my eyes underwater. There are more bits of bodies; a hand, a foot, part of someone's arm all gently floating along the bottom of the pool, moving in the soft currents of the children kicking, blissfully unaware, above.

"We're all just walking zombies!!" I scream as I emerge from the water, jump right out of the pool, and begin trembling. I wake up, trembling and gasping for irregular breaths.

What's it all mean? I think it's a combination of shows I've watched recently, fears of losing loved ones I haven't heard from in a while, and frustration at being in the wrong job.