My last dream log

One of those nap dreams... very sketchy. To give the dream a little context, Mike is my ex-boyfriend (see yesterday's day log).

  • I am in a hotel - Mike is there, and so is a couple of people from my work. I am very, very jealous, because Mike gave everybody a glitter card except for me. This consciousness of my jealousy permeates the dream.
  • I am on a high floor, and I am going down to the third level. The hotel is dimly lit, but it's daylight, and the elevator buttons are very ornate, all bronze swirling patterns.
  • Everyone is in a rush to get to a certain floor. I go past the floor and into the lobby, looking for Mike. I am going to talk to him under the pretense of needing something, but I know this is really a front to talk to him.
  • I get to the lobby and somebody directs me to Mike. The computer repair guy from my work is there. I don't actually end up talking to Mike though, and I decide to go home.
  • I am in a busy city, walking down a hilly street to my "home". I am angry and frusterated. Brandon, an old co-worker, is there, jogging. He's wearing typical jogging gear - tank and shorts, which is sort of weird because he's not the sportsy-type.
  • I stop to talk to him and a couple of other people, older than me - I forget who they are, but I know them. They are telling me that there is a big stash of weed in the hotel and that's why everybody is going to a certain floor - to get in on the stash. We are sitting on a big rock. It is sunset, very pretty.
  • One of the guys goes back to the hotel to get in on the stash. Brandon is laughing, saying it's not true.
  • I want to ask Brandon for a cigarette, because I feel its justified due to my bad mood, but he jogs away before I can ask him. I tell myself that it's better anyway because I quit.
  • I walk home through a dark underground tunnel, lit with yellow lights.
  • I get home and remember that Mike has given me a glitter card that says "Running girl" (or something like that) on the front. The card doesn't satisfy me because it was given to me out of obligation. It is sitting on top of my stereo. Mike is outside my room.

I guess I remembered more than I thought, though the sequence of events may not be correct.