A base tick

Every few days there is a poll you have to take some sort of position on, here at E2. Most of the polls are straightforward. Some are devious. A few are uninterpretably ununderstandable. Several are a bit simple-minded. And then there are the ones that make you cower in shame.

This week's poll belongs to the latter category. Of course I'd in principle gladly give money to E2, particularly via a calendar showing off pertinent body parts of many of them famed Ninja Beauties. However, and unfortunately, I ticked the '15.99' option in this particular current poll. I'm not all that wealthy, you see. This is what my girlfriend habitually tells me.

Nevertheless I still keep buying some caviar, Donegal crabs and fake champagne. So I should be able to afford a few whimsical aberrations. That I didn't tick the '19.99' box was just because I felt that I might not afford all of them all at once, or that's what my organised self and my girlfriend keep telling me. And now it turns out that the overwhelming E2 majority has ticked the '19.99' option. What an irrevocable shame!

What has recently happened to me in the poll-ticking business, i.e. the above-rendered mishap, has turned and twisted me into a moral outcast. I'm suddenly a despised miser from the North, a non-person whom even I (and I'm normally a marginally tolerant individual) would never ever want to be associated with, not in the daylight hours of the 24-hour cycle (there is no suitable English expression for this daily cycle, like the Scandinavian word dygn /= day+night/).

Hence, polls directed at the lower bracket of financial-wise affluent people should for the time being be discontinued. If money-related polls are considered, they should rather extend themselves to the megasphere, engulfing millions of at stake in every tick-box. In that case I would never more be intimidated by ticking the wrong box. Because it would all be out of my league, thankfully.

Could I possibly change my tick from '15.99' to '19.99'?
No, OK, I understand.