I'm writing a bunch of stuff over the next year and everyone's invited!

It also didn't really need its own node I don't think. 


This is the formal, official, and actually fairly spontaneous announcement that starting October 15th, I will be writing one thing every day (of at least 500 words) for a year


Simple.  I need to write more, I need the practice, and I need to prove to myself that I can.  I also need something that will teach me some discipline -- all other attempts have failed, unfortunately.  Writing is what I like to do.  It's why I'm here, and I imagine it's why most of you are as well.  I've been on e2 now for three years.  I want to mean more to this community, and I want to start giving and receiving.  You guys have written some amazing things.  Things that have made me cry, things that have made me smile, many things that make me laugh, and a lot of things that just inform.  Some of you have shown me I'm not alone, others have shown that being alone isn't near as bad as I'd want it to be.

You guys are awesome, and I owe you one. 

How? Where?

Every writing will be posted to my personal blog.  The stuff that I think is good enough to work on e2 will be put under this name, and anything else will be put under the ghost username greth365 as daylogs.  This is mostly to keep this from being an xp whoring event, as I'd feel really bad about that.  Don't node for numbers, etc etc.   (eien_meru suggests this is a poor idea.  I agree, but keeping it here if other people think it's a similar scenario or whatever.)

Hopefully I'll churn out at least 30 main-username-worthy things, as I'd love to hit level 4 sometime before the end of the world.  Too many things to C! on this here website.  A portion will be fiction, a portion will be my life, a portion will be facts; all of it will be better as time goes on.  During November, I may end up writing a novel, who knows.  But I'll be writing.

Who?  When?

Um... Me and October 15th.  Anyone else is welcome to join in the exercise, though.  If you do, think of this as a quest where the only reward is knowing you just wrote over 180000 words, all by yourself.  Unless, of course, gods or editors like this idea and want to swoop in and offer rewards, but that's their prerogative.  If enough people sign on for this, I'll probably ask for a usergroup to be put together so we may suffer together.  It's like a giant NaNoWriMo!

What's this got to do with me?

Not participating?  Help out!  At minimum, vote on the stuff that people put up for this.  Critique, edit, help me (us?) become better at this fine craft.  Isn't that what e2 is all about? 



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