A Sub Genius, is a member of the "Church of the SubGenius" founded by J.R. Bob Dobbs in 1953. The church's doctrine "The Book of the SubGenius", started by JR Bob Dobbs and revised by D. Phigo U. Drummond and Rev. Ivan Stang, defines their beliefe structure from Aliens to Slack to X-ists and more. This is how the good book itself describes these fine people:

Most people totally misunderstand the term "SubGenius." Look at the word. What does it mean?

It means NOTHING! It's utterly ambiguous. All-purpose. It sure as hell doesn't mean "just below genius level." To "Bob" and his mighty friends in The Council of None, one happy idiot is worth far more than ten A-Bomb inventing geniuses. We throw most so-called "geniuses" OUT. They're too nervous, they take themselves too seriously, they're Snide. They do not truly 'know' Slack.

Praise "Bob," there are as many idiot SubGenii as "smart" ones. Most prevalent, however, are smart-asses. It isn't brains, but an intuitive, anti-Pink, anti-cute Attitude Mutation. The Conspiracy has proved that you can have "high intelligence" but still not be able to Think.