Your Children love you very much.

A disturbing dream, but only if you have a mind like mine.
It was one of those worrying dreams that didn't make sense, but always kept you worried; a sense of insecurity.

I was with my mom and for some reason she was pregnant. We were at Safeway and after having finished shopping for our groceries, I walk to the parking lot with her pushing the cart.

The Parking lot becomes some steep hill for some reason. And suddenly...

My pregnant mother is rolling down the ever-steep hill with the carriage (you know as kids do, where they embark on the bottom support of the cart and ride around the supermarket). And I in disbelief, run to try and catch her, but I can't...

I can't...she's so far from me and I'm scared that she hurts herself...hurts somebody.

And then the rest of the dream is pretty much me chasing her down the steep hill parking lot.