If we're talking icky boob job, Tori Spelling must be mentioned.

Ms Spelling is a famous- if not the most famous- case of plastic surgery gone wrong.

Her boobs are unusual, to say the least. One is larger than the other, and seems to have the skin stretched too tight around the part which attaches the breast to the chest. This has resulted in a teardrop shaped breast which is not natural looking at all.

Experts have claimed this has occurred as a result of too much breast tissue being placed on a small frame, much like dizzy's friend. To top things off, Ms Spelling apparently lost weight after the operation, adding insult to injury.

So whenever there's a photo of Tori in a bikini or a low cut evening gown, everyone's first reaction is to screech "Gross! Look at her boobs! They're so WEIRD!". Oh, ew, icky boob job.