Muzak is an evil licensing entity. Their scam works a little like this:

Muzak: Hi, friendly proprietor of a mom-and-pop shop!
Pop: Uh. Hi. Can I offer you some coffee?
Muzak: Nah, I was just in here admiring the music coming from that stereo on the wall over there.
Pop: Yah, its just some old Country-Western 8-tracks.
Muzak: Is that right? Have you got a license from BMI or ASCAP?
Pop: A what? From who?
Muzak: Well, cuz if you don't, they could sue you into the poorhouse. I'm just looking out for you, here.
Pop: Really? But they're my 8-tracks! I bought them!
Muzak: No, you just bought a license to play them in the privacy of your own home. Sucks, doesn't it? But I'm on your side, of course.
Pop: How about it I just play the radio? The station paid the license fees, didn't they? Its over public airwaves, isn't it?
Muzak: Ahhh... no. My hands are tied, here.
Pop: You're kidding.
Muzak: But we have a solution for you. We're be happy to sell you a piece of hardware, and the service that runs on it, to play crappy, but licensed music through your shop, so you don't get sued.
Pop: You want me to buy your system? This is a sales call? Get out of my shop!
Muzak: Lemme put it this way: If you don't, we'll tell on you, and you will be sued.
Pop: Right. I guess I'll take two.

Fight ASCAP and BMI. This isn't the way businesses should be run.