The holy grail of small dinghy sailing is being able to right your boat quickly and without getting soaked. In something as small as a laser, it is not too hard; the procedure is something like this:
  1. As you feel the boat going over, get ready to slide from the edge of the hull where you (well, you should be if the wind is strong enough to capsize you) are sitting to the side of the hull (which will be the highest point on the boat once the (capsize) is complete).
  2. As the boat goes over cast off the main sheet and make sure it is as loose as possible.
  3. Move onto the side of the hull as the boat goes over. Make sure you shift your weight quickly enough that you do not make the boat turn turtle, it is impossible to right an upside down boat without getting wet!
  4. Once you are on the top of the boat, lean over and put your hand on the centreboard and start to shift your weight until you feel the boat start to come up, these are very light boats so it should be possible without having to stand or hang on the centreboard.
  5. As the boat comes up, slide back into the hull, avoiding the water as it flies up to meet you.
  6. Bail out and get back in the race.
There, you should be (mostly) dry and back on your way without losing too much time. I strongly recommend that this is tried in controlled, calm conditions until you get the hang of it.