The Capri 13 is a lightweight high performance one-design sailboat that was built by Capri Sailboats (now a division of Catalina Yachts). The Capri 13's specifications are

Length: 13 ft.
Beam: 4 ft. 11 in.
Draft: 2 ft. 10 in. scaled
Weight: 148 lbs.
Sail area: 74 sq. ft.
Hull: fiberglass
Spars: aluminum
Crew: one or two
Rating: D-PN 96.3
First built: 1972
Number built: 2,350 (as of 1994)
Designer: Frank Butler

according to A Field Guide to Sailboats of North America (2nd ed. 1994) by Richard M. Sherwood

Let me be the first to say these boats are fast, and very fast upwind with the sail set just right. My boat will beat a Laser upwind and is a pretty good match for a CFJ or a Lido 14. Downwind on a broad reach or a run the beam that makes the boat sail so fast upwind and give the boat tremendous righting moment hinders it as the entire hull is in the water making a very high drag shape. To make my boat sail faster downwind I tend to sail closer and gybe, It takes a little more work but it"s also easier in my opinion than trying to raise the daggerboard while underway with the boat rolling heavily due to its big wide sail.

The boat is rigged with a single battened sail. The older boats are Cyclones they have an oval section mast and a forestay the sail is raised with a halyard and rides in a track and the newer boats with serial numbers over 400 have a rotating round mast with a sock type sail. The older cyclones are a little bit faster because the oval mast keeps the sail from bending to leeward. The newer models with the round mast have the advantage of being able to sheet the sail past perpendicular to the center line. The other difference between the boats is the cockpit arrangement. Cyclones have the front of the cockpit forward of the daggerboard trunk and have a hatch that opens the cuddy for storage. Newer boats have a smaller cockpit with the forward edge before the daggerboard trunk and it has no hatch that leads into the cuddy.

One word of advice. Put some styrofoam in the truck of the mast, it makes it easier to re-right after a capsize.

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