Cud"dy (-d?), n. [See Cudden. ]


An ass; esp., one driven by a huckster or greengrocer.



Hence: A blockhead; a lout.


3. Mech.

A lever mounted on a tripod for lifting stones, leveling up railroad ties, etc.



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Cud"dy (k?d"d?), n. [Prob. a contraction fr. D. kajuit cabin: cf. F.cahute hut.] Naut.

A small cabin: also, the galley or kitchen of a vessel.


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Cud"dy, n. [Scot.; cf. Gael. cudaig, cudainn, or E.cuttlefish, or cod, codfish.] Zool

The coalfish (Pollachius carbonarius).

[Written also cudden.]


© Webster 1913.

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