A comic book published by Marvel Comics until the late 90s. Originally, it stared the five original X-Men pretending to be humans specializing in the neutralization and capture of dangerous mutants. After a while, they dropped the mutant-hunter act and revealed themselves as mutants themselves. They had helped save New York City and were heroes for a few years.

After a while, the five members rejoined the X-Men and the team name passed on to a new group -- Havok, Polaris, Multiple Man, Quicksilver, Wolfsbane, and Strong Guy -- who were employed by the United States Government to protect the nation and generally be poster boys for mutants everywhere. Peter David created and wrote this team for a few years, doing a spectacular job until he got fed up with the constant deluge of editorially-imposed crossovers and left the book. The title went downhill from there, finally passing into Marvel limbo while Havok was transported to an alternate universe as "Mutant X". The storywriting still hasn't improved.