A partial list of trivia and annotations for The Matrix Reloaded follows. See also "The Matrix" for references and trivia dealing with characters in both movies.

  • The Osiris, the ship which discovered a quarter-million machines digging toward Zion before it was destroyed, is named after the Egyptian god of the dead who was first a pharoah, killed by his brother and torn to pieces before being reassembled and resurrected to immortality. The name foretells both the death of its crew, but also humanity's inability to be exterminated by the machines.
  • When Agent Smith pulls up in an Audi at the beginning of the film, his license plate is "IS 5416". In the King James Bible, Isaiah 54:16 says, "Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy."
  • Smith's message to Neo is that he "set him free", a possible nod to the Christian belief in life after death through Jesus (Neo).
  • In Judeo-Christian beliefs, a seraph (plural: seraphim) is an angel of the highest order, said to have a radiance so bright no other being besides God can look upon them. This is symbolized in Neo's "special sight" by Seraph's unusual yellow radiance amid a sea of green code.
  • Neo dreams (according to the Oracle) about a door of light at the same time he's dreamed about Trinity falling from the skyscraper. Light is often considered a symbol of wisdom and truth in dreams, while doors represent opportunity and locked doors, blocked opportunity. In this sense, Neo's dream would foreshadow a revelation of truth he subconsciously doesn't want to know -- which is exactly what lies behind the door when his dream finally comes to pass.
  • When Smith first confronts Neo after he consults the Oracle, a flock of ravens flies away from him and towards Neo (and the viewer). In Greek and other mythologies, ravens are a symbol of war and death or imminent death.
  • Persephone kills one of the Keymaker's guards with a silver bullet, well-known to kill werewolves and, less often, vampires. (They are watching "The Brides of Dracula" (1960) when Persephone enters.) Similarly, the twins appear vaguely skeletal and thus doubly ghost-like when they phase. Both ghosts and vampires are cited as examples of AWOL programs within the Matrix by the Oracle when Neo consults her.
  • The Merovingian's restaurant ("Le Vrai", literally "The Truth") is on the 101st floor of his building, and the freeway chase takes place on Highway 101 and 303. In The Matrix, 101 was Neo's apartment number ("The One") and it is one-third of 303, the hotel room Trinity ("Three in One") occupies at the start of the movie and where Neo runs to at the end.
  • Morpheus, Neo and Trinity meet the Merovingian at high noon, according to the clock above the building's entryway. In the old American West, "high noon" was the traditional time to meet for a duel. It also parallels their later break-in to the Source of the Matrix at exactly midnight -- traditionally the darkest part of the night and the time when magick can be performed most effectively.
  • Behind the Merovingian's restaurant table is a tall stained glass window covered with clear and green squares, some of which are subdivided into smaller squares themselves. The pixelated effect is an obvious reference to the digital reality of the Matrix.
  • While the name of the character Link symbolizes many things in the context of computer networks, that of his wife Zee is probably a nod to the popular Nintendo game "The Legend of Zelda" and its sequels, in which Zelda was the princess in need of rescuing by the elf-hero Link.
  • To hack into the emergency power systems, Trinity uses Nmap (version 2.54BETA25), an actual port scanning tool, to locate an SSH vulnerability (port 22) in the system. She then resets the root password using "sshnuke", a fictional program presumably created by the character herself.

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