Big international company that makes, rents, and sells all sorts of construction machinery, plus the parts that people need to keep them working.

Way back in 1890 Benjamin Holt and Daniel Best began making steam-powered tractors for use in farming, and later by the Allies in World War I. In 1925 they merged to form Caterpillar in Peoria, Illinois, where the international headquarters is still located today. In World War II they produced machinery for the war effort; in 1950 they started their first international office; in 1953 they started a separate division just for their engines. Today, they continue to produce machinery internationally, including the 797 Large Mining Truck.

A good company to buy stock in; when the next world war breaks out, Caterpillar will be producing the engines for the tanks, and when it's all over, they'll be selling the cranes to rebuild the cities.