mcSey's place of employment. Infogenic Systems is a database shop in Peoria, Illinois. We aren't allowed to say who our major client is. I always found that odd. We have one major client, but none of our marketing literature has their name on it. They make heavy equipment. It's a distinct shade of yellow.

We also have a multimedia department that is somewhat of a competitor's of mblase's employer. There's room enough in this town for the both of us though.

Oddly enough for a database shop, we have fruit on our website. We also have to be the most multi-cultural company in Peoria. In a thirty person shop 17 countries and all of the big five religions are represented. Pot lucks around this place are fun.

Update: 03/31/2002

The multimedia department got laid off, and I quit.

"And that's the end of that chapter."
--Homer Simpson Police Cops

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