Funny Pope-related Words

I have always been fascinated by the vast number of ridiculous-sounding terms relating to the Pope. Here are some of my favorites. I swear these are all real English words - you can look them up.

Antipope - a spurious pope
Papable - eligible to become Pope
Papabile - eligible to become Pope
Papacy - the office of the Pope
Papal - of or relating to the Pope
Papal bull - an official edict of the Pope
Papal States - the Pope's earthly kingdom
Papalina - a female Catholic
Papalism - the Papal system
Papalist - a Roman Catholic
Papalize - to convert to Catholicism
Papally - in a pope-like manner
Papalty - the office of the Pope
Papaphobia - an inordinate fear of the Pope or of Catholics
Paparchy - direct rule by the Pope
Papate - the office of the Pope
Pape - an derrogatory term for a Catholic
Papelard - a syncophant, a flattering parasite, especially Catholic
Papish - of or relating to Catholicism
Papism - Catholicism
Papist - a Catholic
Papistic - excessively Catholic or Pope-like
Papistical - of or relating to the Pope
Papisticate - to convert to Catholicism
Papistry - a derrogatory term for Catholicism
Papize - to side with the Pope
Papling - a follower of the Pope
Papolatry - excessive reverence for the Pope
Popable - eligible to become pope
Popal - belonging to the Pope
Popedom - the tenure of office of a Pope
Popehead - the condition of being a Pope
Pope-holy - santimonious, hypocritical
Popeism - Roman Catholicism
Pope Joan - mythical female Pope
Popekin - a small or petty Pope
Popeling - a deputy to the Pope
Popemobile - the bubble-topped, bulletproof personal vehicle of the Pope
Popeness - the caracteristic of being a Pope
Poperiche - the office of the Pope
Poper - a follower of the Pope
Popery - a derrogatory term for Catholicism
Popess - an alleged female Pope
Popeship - the office of the pope, or the papal person
Popestant - a follower of the Pope
Popet - a contemptuous diminutive term for a weak Pope
Popify - to convert to Catholicism
Popinian - Catholic
Popish - a derrogatory term meaning "Catholic"
Popishness - a derrogatory term for papal religion or practice
Popism - Roman Catholicism
Popize - to side with the Pope
Popely - worthy of the Pope
Popomastic - whipping the Pope

Close but not quite...

Papadum - an Indian lentil cake
Papaloi - a voodoo priest
Papular - of or relating to pimples
Papilation - the formation of pimples
Popard - a kind of duck
Popatrye - an archaic spelling of "puppetry"
Popegay - a parrot
Popeian - of or relating to the poetry of Alexander Pope
Popelican - a publican
Pope Lick - an area of Kentucky
Popelote - a pet or darling
Poperinge - a town in Belgium.
Pope's nose - another name for a bird's rear end
Popeye - a spinach-eating sailorman
Popilion - an ointment made from the buds of the black poplar
Popination - an excessive drinking binge
Popocrat - a supporter of the US Populist Party
Popoi - a Polynesian dish made of Taro root
Popular - well-liked by many