St Evaristus, referred to as Aristus by the Liberian, was the fifth Pope, following on from the martyred St Clement I. His pontificate lasted around 9 years between 98 or 99 and 106 or 107. He was born in Bethlehem the son of a Hellenic Jew and converted and moved to Greece.

Very little is known about him, the Liber Pontificalis states that he divided Rome into parishes and seven diaconias and appointed deacons to oversee them. This however is largely dismissed as incorrect in favour of a later organisation of the church. Some sources state that although he did not organise the Roman dioceses he did appoint seven deacons to oversee possible theological implications of Bishops' preaching. He is also thought to have appointed a number of priests, deacons and bishops.

St Evaristus' saint day is 26 October. He is believed to have died a martyr but this is only through tradition rather than any sort of evidence. However this is not unlikely as "virtually any prominent Christian in the early centuries of the Church was likely to be brutally put to death because of his beliefs"1. He is buried near St Peter's tomb in the Vatican.

Clement I - Pope - Alexander I

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