wuukiee and mcc flew in to Logan last night. The previous week had been filled with giddy anticipation. wuukiee means so much to me I can't even begin to explain to you how much, or how startled I am at how quickly she went from random person to family. So, she came, and he came, and I sat waiting in the airport at 8:40 for a wuukiee bearing plane that was supposed to arrive at 8:10. I was stressing because the mcc bearing plane was to arrive at 8:23 and I had heard no word from him on my cell phone.

Pacing, pacing, not worried, not stressing at the lateness, but worried about mcc. Eventually I went through the metal detector to look in at the gate. As I move down the concourse and come to her gate my phone rings. It is her. "I'm here. I'm at gate B5."

"B5? I'm at B5... where are.... heyyyy!!!!"

Awkard first meeting hug.... then rushing off to find the boy. Where are you boy?

15 minutes later we are staring at a monitor telling us that mcc was one hour and twenty minutes late.

That evening found us curled on the couch all three somehow in a ball of snuggles.

I'm so glad they came.