It's been a wee while. Because I had a busy week, I guess.. (and apologies for the non-standard daylog format...)
  • last Friday - thought I'd be working all weekend. Worked on some Schuh web pages till 2am.
  • last Saturday - work, 10 till 6, PC World in East Kilbride. Got in late due to a rear view mirror incident. Then worked on more Schuh stuff till 4am, after recieving an email to let me know I woudln't be working the next day.
  • last Sunday - spent from about 4pm till 2am on an Art School project, and got to bed at 3-ish.
  • Monday - project hand in, did some Mechanics work, up till 1 doing some more Schuh web pages in Flash.
  • Tuesday - went climbing in the afternoon with a few friends from my course, and as a result got completely knackered. I was asleep by 11...
  • Wednesday - got a chance to be lazy in the afternoon, and got a chance to sleep lots, due to Thursday being the only day of the week I don't have a 9am class.
  • Thursday - labs till just before 5, and they were mind-numbingly boring. Went to GUST afterwards, and tried out the CapGen and worked the sound board. Now there are only three things I've not tried - VT, directing a show, and presenting. Directing sounds like a big responsibility, I'm not quite confident enough for that yet, and there's no way I'll get in front of a camera.. :o)
  • Friday - classes in the morning, then I went into town to get paid for all the web work I did. And then back to uni, to meet some friends in the guu. I was in there from about 5 till 9, helping to get some Guinness inflatable chairs - free with every ten pints :)
    Geoff eventually sent me home, apparently I was staggering quite a bit. Quite kind of him, really, since I'd have probably embarrased myself, or been unable to geet back to the glasgow underground..
  • Saturday - Work, again, at pc world East Kilbride again. Another quiet day, too. Got home to find that store is one of the nine that is unlikely require further services of Apple reps, meaning I'm out of a job, and out of £760 in earnings between now and the end of the year. This sucks.
  • and back to today - nothing much happened, really. Bah.