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Two hill-walkers missing overnight in Glenshee have been found safe and well. A full-scale search was launched after the Strathclyde couple failed to return to their guesthouse in Braemar last night. They'd spent the night in a shelter.

Doctors investigating the deaths of eleven Glasgow drug addicts from a mystery illness are believed to be looking at a similar spate of deaths in California. Health officials have already called in an expert from America in a bit to identify the disease.

Forensic experts are examining a car which may be linked to the abduction and murder of London estate agent Susie Lamplugh. It was siezed after a witness came forward with new information. Detectives hunting her killer have called it a significant breakthrough.

Scots-based MOD Police officers are hoping to give Kosovans the confidence to get their country back on its feet. The six from Coulport will help Kosovan volunteers set up their own community policing, as well as helping during this year's elections and war crimes investigations. Constable Alan Phillips will be amongst them.

Soundbyte: There's not many volunteers at this present moment in time, um, so as long as they're sortof happy with the likes of the police involved, and a bit of confidence back in, then hopefully they'll get a bit more volunteers for their own police force.

There's fresh hope for the people of Northern Ireland. The assembly will resume its work next week after the Ulster Unionists voted to accept the IRA's latest offer on weapons dumps.

The Scottish Junior Cup Final kicks off this lunchtime with Whitburn and Johnstone Burgh fighting for the honours. The match has already been shrouded in controversy with rival fans claiming the Central League has shown favouritism to Burgh because their manager is also the main sponsor of the league. One of their star players has been allowed to play in the match despite an earlier suspension. But Scott Robinson, the secretary of the Central League says that's totally unfounded.

Soundbyte: Mr Walker has sponsored a cup competition prior to sponsoring our league, and no-one ever said anything at all about this. I find it rather perturbing that this is coming about. I can assure you that George Walker has been done no favours at all by this league.

In golf, Colin Montgomerie's on course for his historic hat trick, bidding to win the PGA championship for a third year in a row. He starts round three at Wentworth with a twelve under par lead.

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