Woke up this morning and took a look out the window. Before I went to bed last night, white stuff had begun to fall from the sky. This morning, as my eyes struggled to cope with all the brightness, I saw that four or five inches had fallen.

Mum was up already, and told me that dad had not bothered with the car, and instead walked down to the subway to get himself to work. People on the radio were reciting their regular "don't travel unless you absolutely have to" warnings. And people outside were beginning to have fun :)

I got up and dressed fairly quickly, wanting to see what kind of consistency the snow was -- we don't get snow very often. A quick walk down to the post box took about twice as long as usual. Cool.

My main outing for the day was down to the local sorting office, during which I saw many people having great difficulty in their cars. Albert Drive is full of crazy drivers at the best of time, but none of them had seen this kind of snow before. It didn't look like any gritters had been out, so the only passable bit of road was a single track down the middle. At one point, I was making better progress on foot than the 59 bus alongside me. Silly, really.

The purpose of my walk was to pick up any post which might be waiting for us, since the postmen weren't out and about today. We had three catalouges, a tax bill and a gas bill. Fun! :) On the way back, I helped a Transco van out of some slush it had created for itself. It took three people pushing, a shovel, some cardboard, and a whole lot of spinning before it was moving again.

Unfortunatley, the snow has also buried most of our satellite minidish - which means Sky Digital is out. Our old satellite dish (a larger one, further up the chimney, pointing at Astra 1 and HotBird) isn't affected, but most of the channels there are foreign language or scrambled. Which means we're stuck with terrestrial tv, Sky News or BBC World. Bah. And I think I may be addicted to Yahoo!'s Literati... (oh dear)