Vicks Chloraseptic is recommended by doctors and pharmacists for:

Fast and long-lasting relief of sore throat and mouth/gum/throat pain.

Vicks Chloraseptic relief is available in Cherry or Menthol flavored spray or lozenges.

Active: Phenol 1.4%.

Inactives: Flavor, Glycerin, Purified Water, Color, Saccharin, Sodium.

This stuff is incredible. I should know; I get a sore throat at least once every few weeks. (Something to do with a diet consisting mainly of PayDay Bars and Jolt Cola, coupled with a generally weak immune system.) My first reaction was to think that it was rather bitter and not very potent, but then I read the directions and learned that it should be sprayed 5 times, not once. So I sprayed it five times and realized that it was extremely bitter, and also that the pain was completely gone, and did not return until the sickness was long healed.

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