Sky News is a 24 hour rolling news channel on British television. Generally about as reputable as a blind eyewitness and with a deep seated aspiration to be as biased as Fox, Sky News specialises in current affairs for the average Sun reader, or at the very least those with more conservative views. They are less interested in accuracy than they are in being "first", and therefore end up making some spectacular blunders. They have attracted some criticism of late for their massive red and blue banners, which zoom in accompanied by loud and entirely unsuitable whoosh sounds, even during royal deaths. Since the beginning of the War in Iraq they have become slowly more biased towards supporting the war, and they certainly don't make an effort to hide it. Give me nice, impartial BBC News 24 any day. I have to concede one thing-Sky News' interactive service r0x0rs your b0x0rs. I'm sorry, it just kicks ass.

nicky_d points out that Sky News has won BAFTAs and Royal Television Society awards for News Channel of the Year two years running. What you say!!

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