I was actually looking forward to work today...

Got up on time, got to the bus station with enough time to get myself a hot chocolate before the 9am coach - although I had to ditch half of it after being told 'no hot drinks on the bus'.

There was an annoying guy talking loudly on his phone in the queue at the coffee counter, and he continued to chat away at the stance, while smoking... he finished his drink, went and sat directly behind me, and his call lasted for the first 15 minutes of the journey, too. Very rude of him.

Work was very uneventful.. I was in PC World in Edinburgh again. And there were hardly any customers. I passed the day by talking to the Epson rep, the friendly girl at reception, and various other sales folks. One was trying to weasel out of me my rate of pay, but I just told him that "I am not at liberty to divulge that information". I did manage to nip out to Tesco and get the last bit of my Christmas shopping done.

Oh, and I am in love with a McDonald's Girl, her name's Eilidh, and she works at the Corstorphine store just next tp PCW.

It took me a whole two hours to get home. The bus back from Edinburgh was fine - full of sleeping people, and I almost drifted off too. But I waited a whole 50 minutes for a 59 bus back home. Shouldn't have been more than a 15 minute wait, 30 minutes tops. But thanks to First Glasgow, I waited aaaaages.

Got home to find an email from work letting me know that my services would probably not be required next Saturday, but included the appropriate way to try and persuade the store manager to call Head Office and try to get us back. Too late for that, though. Bah.

Watched TV for the rest of the night. Aah, such fun...