Just to confuse everyone, the television channel BBC World isn't owned by the BBC, but instead BBC Worldwide, their commercial arm. However, it doesn't make any programming of its own; it's almost all commisioned from the BBC.

What this does mean is that it's funded by advertising, so some programs come with ad breaks, and some satellite or cable distributors broadcast commercials.

News bulletins are broadcast on the hour, normally half-hour world news programmes called "BBC World News". These are live from BBC Television Centre in London's Shepherd's Bush. Sometimes it's truncated to fifteen minutes, followed by Asia Today or World Business Report.

At night, output is shared with BBC News 24, the beeb's rolling news service in the UK, from either the News 24 studio, or the World News studio. Programme content is virtually identical, but it's called "BBC News". I guess they don't want people in the UK knowing they're watching a world news programme?

Various tv channels around the world simulcast BBC World news programmes on their networks at various times of day - for example BBC America, various PBS stations and CBC News.

The other half hours' programming is often filled with news reviews, documentaries, travel shows, and so on. Almost always factual programming.

More info can be found on their website at www.bbcworld.com