Since introduced in April 2000, the bumpers of the TV channel BBC World has played thousands of times. The music is ligthly enchanting, but never on for a long time, since it's just there to fill in the gaps betwixt programs.

Until now.

BBC is selling the tunes on CD, since they got tired of answering hundreds of inquries about the specially-made tunes. The creator of the music David Lowe and BBC Music has agreed to make the tunes commercially available, but only through BBC. The CD contains the four tunes played in the break filler / bumpers when displaying news or other information. Three of the tunes are new, based on the bumper music. The last is an extended remix of the BBC World tune.

Here are the tunes:

  1. World Connection
  2. Asian Dream
  3. Nation to Nation
  4. BBC World TV Mix
Information on buying the CD is here:

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