Shepherd's Bush is an district of west London in the UK, accessible by two tube stations, both also called Shepherd's Bush, one being on the Central Line and the other on the Hammersmith and City Line. Unusually, these two stations are not joined in any way; usually the names of tube stations are unique (the only other tube station which is not unique is Edgware Road). Shepherd's Bush comprises two very different neighbourhoods, roughly divided by Goldhawk Road and Shepherd's Bush Common, a local park. On the north side there is an ethnically diverse, low income area full of small shops. It looks fairly shabby and run down, the streets are dirty and there are lots of council estates (cheap housing provided by the UK government). The south side is a great deal more expensive (or posh) with fewer and more expensive shops, and long, quiet streets full of nice houses. This sharp demarcation between rich and poor areas is typical of London, and also many other large western cities.

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