Idle wanderings in a boring math class led me to wonder... what nodes on Everything have a prime node_id? After thinking about it, I decided that'd be way too much effort. To make up for it, I decided to find all the nodes whose node_id's are a member of the Fibonacci number set, e.g. {node_id=1, node_id=2...}. Here's the fruits of my labor.

1           nodetype (nodetype)
2           container (nodetype)
3           document (nodetype)
5           htmlpage (nodetype)
8           nodegroup (nodetype)
13          restricted_superdoc (nodetype)
21          nodeletshadow container (container)
34          encodehtml (htmlcode)
55          userbody (htmlcode)

Up to here, it's not terribly interesting. Just some system documents. On to the goods:

89          Nothing Found
144         Everything User Directory

The Directory, of course, is closed. But we're getting somewhere.

233         Nothing Found
377         adrury (user)
610         Namtilaku (user)
987         brian (user)
1597        dr_chungj (user)
2584        theFeeble (user)
4181        emcod (user)
6765        Perkele (user)

A whole lot of old users. Not much of interest... a whole bunch haven't been here in years upon years. Now, as the Fibonacci sequence expands and expands, we get some writeups.

10946       buzzword
17711       Nothing Found
28657       DARPA (thing) -- by cpwright
46368       Nothing Found
75025       Scour
121393      richest person in the world
196418      Blockader
317811      Rhodomontader

This is the first node from 2000:

514229      commercials with carefully edited songs (idea) -- by CrazyIvan
832040      Kin to Sorrow (idea) -- since deleted!

This is the first node from 2002 (2001 gets neatly skipped over):

1346269     Pogrom (thing)
2179309     Nothing Found
3524578     Nothing Found
5702887     Nothing Found

And so, the series breaks down. It was nice while it lasted. I'll just wait until you guys double the amount of content on the site.