Oh great editor, I adore thee
Thou art simple 'e'

How swift your execution is.
When I work on anything else, this speed I miss.
With thee, one thousand instructions can be done,
Before emacs is ready to run.

You have no extra features,
That are used by odd creatures.
If you can't speel, send it through /bin/ispell
No need to reinvent the wheel, when it is already done well.
Why fill your file with excess words (get them out I say)
That will attract the NSA

There is no need to use the mouse and mark mess,
Though, I do use a mac, I must confess.

When running, only a single key is needed,
To do anything that is wanted.
You don't have to type esc-meta-alt-control-shift
To simply give your text a face lift.
To get help, all you need is 'h', no more
Will tell you what is for.
To search: '/', to replace 's',
to write and quit 'x',
none of this 'ctrl-c ctrl-x' to get out of the fix.

Oh great ex, ed, and e
You are the only editor for me