Stuckeyville is a the fictional New England town where the NBC show "Ed" takes place. A typical small New England town, everyone knows each other in Stuckeyville and the place is full of small Mom-and-Pop businesses.

When the star of the show Ed Stevens (Tom Cavanaugh) comes back to Stuckeyville after having been a big-city lawyer, he finds that not much has changed, and his good friends are still there. Even the "Two-Pie Club" photo wall is still up in the small pie shop he used to frequent as a kid, showing his picture as a teen in the 70's along with many others.

When Ed decides to move back to Stuckeyville, he buys Stuckeybowl, where the residents of the town come to bowl. It is also the site of many important happenings in the quaint little town of Stuckeyville.

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