No, this is not a joke.

Ed is the Standard Editor.

If in doubt, type at your closest Unix prompt: man ed

I keep intending to work with Disband to make this into an electronica/industrial song, but never have the time.

As documentation, I offer the following excerpt:

shimi is ready to serve you, Mistress> man ed

User Commands                                               ed(1)

     ed - text editor

     /usr/bin/ed  [-s  | - ]  [ -p string ]  [ -x ]  [  -C  ]   [
     file ]

     /usr/xpg4/bin/ed  [-s  | - ]  [ -p string ]  [ -x ]  [ -C  ]
     [ file ]

     The ed  utility is the standard text  editor.  If  file   is
     specified,  ed   simulates  an  e command (see below) on the
     named file; that is to say, the file  is  read  into  ed  's
     buffer so that it can be edited.

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