Realization is the first step to progress. Once the issue is acknowledged, it can then be confronted and life can be altered in a positive manner accordingly.

For intance, after dropping out of high school, settling for any administrative job that happened to come my way, quitting dance class, quitting creative writing class, etc... I realized that I am a quitter and exceptionally lazy. It occurred to me that a pattern was forming and I was trapped, never moving forward, yet abhorring stagnation. That is why I am going to finally (after having been out of school since I dropped out and got my GED... 5 years), ease myself into college.

Another realization I came to just a few months ago was that I was enduring mild (or not-so-mild, it's relative I suppose)anxiety when it came to going out in public on my own. I would not go places if another person was not accompanying me. I believe it was caused by the fear and paranoia that arose when I was mugged a few years ago (along with other negative mind altering experiences which I'd rather not discuss right now). I overcame it by forcing myself to do little things like go to a coffee shop by myself to read or write, I also started going to parties and art openings alone too (like I did before all this came into play).

It's never hopeless, it just takes long periods of soul searching and looking within for answers, not thinking from the ego, but thinking at a deeper level. Writing whatever flows at night is a good thing to do.

I'm sure I'm stemming of topic, but it sort of goes along with what I've been experiencing and the realizations that have come to me as of late...

Good luck Templeton with dealing with your issues, good luck everyone, for no life is perfect.