Love me.
Hate me.
Try me. Deny me. Feel me. Go right through me. See me. Ignore me. Call me. Shoo me away. Fear me. Trust me. Fight me. Engender me. Hurt me. Heal me. Steal from me. Give me more. Take me. Leave me. Do me. Undo me. Fuck me. Make me wait. Watch me. Pass me over. Mystify me. Enlighten me. Place me. Lose me. Dare me. Ensnare me. Ask me. Then tell me why. Throw me. Catch me. Herd me. Don't fence me in. Free me. Trap me. Time me. Test me. Release me. Wrap me up. Unravel me. Go away. Come back. Whirl me. Swirl me. Dance with me. Leave me standing. Bewitch me. Release me from your spell. Carry me. Drop me. Make me whine. Make me proud. Question me. Solve me. Make me cry. Amuse me. Stare at me. See right through me, too. Blow my mind. Suck me in. Take me on an adventure. Leave me at home. Inform me. Make me wonder. Devastate me. Give me hope. Create me. Break me down. Rise above me. Sink to my level. Sicken me. Make we well. Infuriate me. Make up with me. Drive me insane. Make sense to me. Talk to me. Tell me nothing. Grope me. Caress me. Drape me over your neck. Stick me in the closet. Remember me. Forget me. Remind me. Let me remind myself. Inspire me. Dry me up. Make me wet. Feed me. Starve me. Hunger for me. Want me. Despise me. Fry me. Fillet me. Eat me. Spit me out. Have faith in me. Doubt me. Cajole me. Humor me. Miss me. Know that I'm always there for you. Tempt me. Be my conscience. Flutter about me. Lie at my feet. Purify me. Corrupt me. Inhibit me. Make me drunk with desire. Toy with me. Marvel at my joy. Surprise me. Bore me. Listen to me. Tell me to fuck off. Play with me. Be serious. Marry me. Divorce me. Cramp me up. Massage me. Wait for me. Do your own thing. Demand of me. Fill me up. Complete me. Split me in two. Dissect me. Put me together. Gray me. Rejuvinate me. Spin me around. Make me stop. Focus me. Pull me in every direction. Amaze me. Revile me. Shout my praises. Kick my ass. Kiss my cheek. Fix me. Take me to pieces. Understand me. Confuse me. Show me.

In short, my sweet harmless dove, the beautiful monster to my heart which shreds it and puts it together at the same time, the light in my life and the dark depth of my soul, love me the way I love you.

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