at the bottom of a deep pit under a thick layer of piss and shit most of it of its own making, a heart faintly beats in a final denial of fate. suspended in jellied excrement blinding eyes blunting touch plugging ears filling the mouth with pus deleting memory from scent the heart searches. the last strands of tissue grasp for attachment to something realizes there is blood close by. capillaries next. viens arteries lungs diaphram nerves bone spine. spine. heart plugs in to the grid time is running out.

bone found tendon found muscle found skin found

the heart sends a signal.

signal sent signal received success musculoskeletal sensors begin activation sequence

a grunt breaks the crust. chunks slide off the rising back. a mind regaining mindfulness. a body regaining control. expelling the effluvia eyes blinking and seeing darkness but knowing they can see. breathing in the stench in huge sucking gulps but knowing it can now breathe. it is not done. hearing its echoed breath it knows where it is and what it must do. the naked body stands upright peeled froom a barbed-wire womb. far above it a speck of light invades the pit. the heart sends a signal.

climb climb now

the body gropes for a wall and finds purchase. slowly up a fetid wall of broken hopes it climbs slips climbs again heading for a light it can't see. it is climbing blind. but it is climbing nonetheless.